The Most Effective Exercise You Will Do

On my first day as a trainer (when I was 17) my Fitness Director asked me how I liked it. I had that deer in the headlights, wide eyed look, and replied “I think I need a degree in Psychology”. Little did I know, I would go on to a Degree in Kinesiology- studying the body instead of the mind. Now, many years into the field I tell my clients the same philosophy. My signature quote is this “The only thing between you and your goal is your mind”. It’s true! Mind set is everything. You need to believe you are capable of changing in order to actually change. So many of us live in the relm of day dreaming. “It would be nice to lose 20 pounds” or “I would eat healthier if I had more time or my family was on board”. Living in this space is not only un productive, it’s harmful. If you constantly think about a goal you haven’t achieved you start to believe you aren’t capable of that goal. This mind set easily seaps into other areas of your life and soon you believe you’re not capable of reaching any goal. This turns into feeling less than confident to accomplish anything out of your current area of productivity. Make sense? 

So how do you switch your mentality and start crushing those goals and really owning the rockstar you already are? You fake it until you make it. You spend time feeling (not thinking–huge difference) of what it’s like to reach those goals. Try this…

Grab a journal, piece of paper, or the notes section of your phone. In first person write down who you want to be as if you are already there! For example, if I can’t seem to get a workout in lately. I would write “I’m a healthy person who makes my workouts a priority, I schedule my workouts and I commit to showing up-whole body, whole heart, whole mind”. As you write out “who you are (really who you want to be but in present, first person terms)” let your body feel all the feels. Get excited about how easily your jean shorts fit, how comfortable and confident you are at a pool party, how energized and strong you feel during those workouts. 

The magic happens when we feel the feels and write in present, first person terms. This is because our sub conscious (what we tap into when we feel and talk in first person) will start to align our actions to support the goals we have. 

The steps are:

  1. Write (You can’t just think it). Write down who you want to be in first person “I” “Me”
  2. Feel. Feel how amazing reaching these goals and living this life would be. 
  3. Repeat. Often. 

Do this as often as possible. The more often you do it, the quicker you will reach your goals. It’s so effective! I can absolutely promise you that every major goal I’ve accomplished started with this exercise! 

Let me know what amazing changes you start to see when you try this, and what goals you have!