Kelly, Business owner and new Mom

“Pilates has been such an amazing experience for me, it’s changed the look of my muscles and the way I feel about myself. I’m not one who likes to get out an exercise…but I finally found what works for me. The way Nadine teaches and guides me, she is truly dedicated to her work and her passion for health. Wouldn’t have the strength I have today without her.”

Johnny, Principal Owner of Currado & Associates

My wife and I have a 19 year old autistic son who needed to lose weight, so we were very particular about who we chose for nutrition and training to help our son. When we asked around there was one name that kept coming up over and over again. It was Nadine. She came so highly recommended from several people including doctors and personal trainers that after using her, we now see why she is the best. She has done wonders not only for our son but for my wife and I as well and has completely helped us with our eating plans and strength training. She is a truly gifted lady and we are so blessed to have met her and have her involved in our lives not only as a trainer and motivator but now as a friend too! I would highly recommend you check her out as we know you will love her and see the results just like my family and I have.

Rissey, Pharmacist

My two daughters (15 and 11 year old student athletes) and I love working with Nadine! Her enthusiasm and willingness to share her expertise as a personal trainer, exercise therapist, and nutritionist keep us going back for more.. We trust Nadine to guide us, whether it’s preventing injury, recovering from an injury, or living a healthier lifestyle. Wish we found her sooner!

Niki – Mama of 4

“Coming from someone who HATED all things fitness and nutrition I absolutely love training with Nadine. She has my mind, body and spirit all connecting and actually craving wellness now. I’m making better choice with my diet and I’m excited to work out with her in her Pilates Reformer Class each week. But beyond the work outs and food choices she has showed me how connect with myself through meditation and deep breathing. It seems so simple but as a busy mom of 4 Little’s it has been life changing for me.”

Dee – VP Technology

“I have trained with Nadine for several years, and she has been amazingly flexible along the journey…whether I needed to recover from an injury, feel more balance, or become stronger, Nadine has had the perfect regimen. I love that she looks at the whole self, body and mind, not just one aspect. The result is a routine that helps me be my best.”