Hydration Solutions

My porch says Happy Fall (literally) but my Apple Watch is reporting over 90 degrees most days, and over 100 degrees some days. Fall sports have started, school is in full swing, and the schedules are packed. This means kids and teens are logging those sweat sessions, running on less than optimal amounts of sleep (darn school start time), and feeling busier and generally more zapped than usual. Anyone else missing those lazy summer days yet?!

When I was a kid, a teen, and through part of college I would notoriously get dehydrated. The moment I caught a virus, a flu, strep, or anything else, I seemed to need an IV of fluids to get me back up and running. It would drive me crazy, knowing I was chugging fluids but somehow not retaining them. My incredible, holistic doctor taught me that just because I was drinking fluids, didn’t mean my body was absorbing fluid.

It’s always my passion to share simple, affordable, and realistic solutions to make your nutrition work for you (and your family). Instead of chugging whatever drink is near by and then feeling the effects, let me give you some smart finds to help you feel your best!

I’m hearing about too many sweet kids, teens, and my adult clients having head aches, low energy, dizziness, and feeling generally sluggish. I always recommend getting cleared by your doctor to rule out anything serious. But if you’re cleared and still feeling the effects of the heat, try some of these solutions.

Water: 1/2 your body weight in ounces is recommended, daily! It doesn’t work if you get hydrated some days and skip it other days. Would you only put gas in your car some months, or would you be okay if you only got some pay checks? Come on, your body deserves to be hydrated so all systems can run optimally. Remember our body is approximately 70% water…don’t chance depleting yourself!

Add sea salt to your water: Pink Himalayan Sea Salt has around 83 minerals. These minerals used to be found in our soil, but our soil isn’t as rich anymore so we’re generally lacking these vital minerals. I also love the Trace Minerals Concentrace Formula added to water daily to ensure those mineral needs are being met.

Vitamin Water Zero: I’m a fan of this as a sweet source of hydration. Those days when you can’t stomach plain water or your craving a little sweetness to quench your thirst. Here is why I like this particular brand occasionally. Its a happy medium. If you’re hooked on a sugary drink, this is a huge step in the right direction!

Electrolytes : Find a natural version. I like the Ultima brand! Trace Minerals also makes individual packets of flavored electrolytes to mix into a water bottle.

Coconut water: Get a clean brand, no sugar or lower sugar is always best. Keep in mind added sugar intake should be <25 grams per day.

Zevia is an amazing soda alternative. It’s sweetened with Stevia which is a plant, and totally beneficial. Stevia has been proven to lower blood sugar levels over time. So, not only is it safe-it’s actually beneficial!

I have an issue with Gatorade, Powerade, and all of the drinks filled with food dyes and corn syrup. Also anything with artificial sweeteners is pretty brutal on our bodies. Enough studies have been done at this point showing the ill effects of artificial sweeteners, corn syrup, and food dyes. If you can avoid them, it’s worth the effort.

And incase you’re wondering if you’re dehydrated, here are some common symptoms related to dehydration:

Dark urine

Head aches



Brain fog 


Dry mouth

Cracked hands/lips