How To Say Bye to Diets FOREVER!

Happy New Year! Whether you are a resolution person or not; there’s a good chance you indulged over the holidays {I hope you did}! If you indulged a little {or a lot} it’s natural to feel the effects of those extra ‘fun’ foods. Insert —> bloated belly, fatigue, dark circles, acne, clothes feeling too snug, tummy aches, and all.the. things.


In hopes of feeling better fast, it’s common to feel the urge to do a crazy diet or eliminate entire food groups. But what if I told you the success rates for diets are slim to none? Sure you may {or may not} lose a few pounds short term; but if you gain it back at any point then it wasn’t actually successful. I’ve had people tell me their {crazy, restrictive, crazy making} diet works as long as they “stay on it”. Last time I checked we are a little more complex than a train and we don’t live on an imaginary “track” that we fall off and on. Life is complex, busy, messy, and full of twists and turns. If your eating plan doesn’t adjust to those curve balls {girl’s night, birthdays, holidays, vacations, stressful seasons} then it doesn’t work babe!

“More than 95% of people relapse from their diet in 5 years or less” according to the 

That isn’t good enough for me! If a program tells me I can pay off my debt but in 5 years I’ll have to pay it all over again; I’m NOT interested! 

The way to long term success is to learn about food; authentically educate yourself through consulting with a trained professional! Think about it; someone showed you how to write a check and balance a check book (who does that still?!), how to address an envelope to mail, how to pump gas..but has anyone ever showed you WHAT food does and HOW it works? If your answer is no, then it’s likely that you are a product of diet industry influence and whatever food habits {good or bad} your family passed down to you. Mix that with poor body image and YIKES! No wonder the diet industry banked over 61 billion dollars annually for the last decade {ugh!}. Too many people fall prey to insecurity and confusion around food and then buy into crazy diets. Let’s stop the crazy cycle!

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If you’re ready to make lasting changes, to understand food and finally understand your body, to feel energetic, to fit into the clothes you want, to glow from the inside out with wellness…then this is your ticket!

(Recent Client Success just 2 months into the program!)

My 30 day Nourished by Nadine plan started with a need {okay a plea} from my clients. I’ve been educating clients as a Holistic Nutritionist for 17 years. I’ve seen loads of clients reach success and never need me again {worst business plan ha but the biggest sign of true success in my mind}. My clients were experiencing success and many ‘ah ha’ moments in our hour sessions but some would say “if you could just be with me 24/7 I would learn how to think like a nutritionist”. Thanks to technology I was able to make that happen and the success has been BANANAS {for the record bananas are not bad for you despite the ridiculous advice floating around}.

Here is why this plan works: 

Step 1: I customize a meal plan just for you according to:

your goals

your body

your food sensitivities

your life style

your family

your daily schedule

your food preferences

your metabolism

and SO much MORE 

Step 2: I educate you weekly on the WHAT and WHY and HOW of food:

Ever wonder how some people indulge and fit in their skinny jeans? It’s because they understand how food works {NOT how to count macros, that can get a little too crazy fast}. I teach you all the tips, tricks, and real facts on how to have your cake and your bikini bod too!

Step 3: I coach you daily with accountability:

We link up and you send me your daily eats. There is no shaming in my game; instead I educate you. Did you binge? It’s cool, I’ll explain the science behind what triggered that so you’ll never feel helplessly prone to binge again. 

Step 4: I provide you with all the tools that make your life easier:

Grocery Lists

Food Choices


Principles of Nutrition

Supplement Info

and MORE!

Your time is now friend, you deserve to break the crazy cycle, feel better, look your best and glow with confidence! Email me for a free nutrition questionnaire and let’s get you started!





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