How to REALLY Reach Your Goals in 2020


How to Really Reach Your Goals…

I love the fresh start of the New Year! While I believe Wellness should be a year-around habit; I totally encourage my clients to ride the wave of motivation January brings! Everyone seems to be more motivated this time of year and rightfully so! The holidays are generally the most stressful season for most of us; shining light on our weakest links like bloating, migraines, anxiety, acne and all sorts of symptoms we want to tackle. It makes perfect sense that we feel extra motivated to create some changes in January. The problem is that “wanting” to make a change and actually “succeeding in changing” are two entirely different things!


Wanting to change simply isn’t enough. Needing to change is where the magic happens. It’s human nature to make changes out of necessity. How many success stories have you heard of people living out of their car and then launching a hugely successful business-tons! Part one of successful goal crushing is finding your need or your why!


For example, a client may tell me “My goal is to lose 40 pounds” and my question is “why?” Wanting to look cute isn’t enough babe. You are already beautiful and amazing; if you want to see change you need to believe that you need to do it to be a better version of yourself. I know I’m more fun, energetic, and enjoyable to be around when I move my bod daily, eat foods that energize me, and meditate. That version of me is also more confident in a bikini playing at the pool with my kids, or skinny jeans hanging with my girls or my hubby on a date night. I just like that version of me so much better than the jeans don’t fit-feeling depleted and resentful-overwhelmed and anxious version that has appeared from time to time.

Step 1: Figure out your NEED (aka your WHY)

The next layer is taking a hard look at our habits. My favorite quote “My body is a reflection of how I’ve been treating it” brings perspective. I like this because it’s a no-nonsense way to decode what’s really happening. I really like it because it’s a way to be honest with out beating up on ourselves. Let’s say it’s been a stressful few months and working out didn’t happen because you were dealing with major life issues. This statement helps you deal with the facts instead of feeling like a “failure”. Or maybe you’re coming off holiday festivities and you had so much fun with extra treats and social gatherings around indulgent food and drinks; cool-it makes sense that you may be feeling a little fluffier (all good!) Figure out the top 1-3 habits that got in your way.

Step 2: Figure out the top 1-3 habits that got in your way

Maybe you got in the habit of sleeping in later than necessary, ordering a larger Starbucks with extra whip daily, eating out too often, or ditching the gym for weeks on end. Identify those things without judgement. It’s all good. Use logic and figure out what got in your way.

Next up, set 1 new habit that will help you! The key here is to make it “challenging but attainable”. You need to be able to succeed. If you aren’t working out at all, setting a goal to workout 4 days a week may be too aggressive. If you fail you’ll be over it in no time. Start small, succeed and then build in another great habit. Keep doing this and before you know it, you’ll be living that healthy lifestyle and reaching your goals like a boss!

Step 3: Set 1 challenging but attainable new goal to work on

Some simple but highly effective goals to try:
1. Eat foods as close to their natural state as possible. This will encourage you to grab an apple and peanut butter over a processed bar, a burrito bowl with rice and beans instead of a giant processed tortilla, etc.
2. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily. I use herbal tea (caffeine free counts as water), lemon, and cute travel cups to keep me on target.
3. Sign up for a new class. This is why my Pilates Body Makeover babes see such great results! They commit to hanging with me twice a week for 4 weeks and all they have to do is show up. Find a place you enjoy and want to show up to!
4. Eat out one less night per week and cook a healthy meal. It’s super simple to search “paleo recipes or clean eating recipes” to come up with some options. I’m only saying 1 meal per week because your goal needs to be attainable (remember 😉)
5. Commit to falling asleep 30 minutes earlier on the weeknights. You’ll feel so much better you’ll want to do it more often.
6. Download the free version of headspace or another meditation app and commit to just 5 minutes a day of meditating.
7. Take a hot Epsom salt bath once a week.
8. Drink a big cup of lemon water when you wake up, before you sip that coffee.
9. Find a friend that wants to be active and pick a monthly active date like a hike or a group class to enjoy together.
10. Start each day with positive self-talk. You would be surprised at how beneficial it is to be kind to yourself!


Set your why!
Identify the habits that are getting in your way!
Create one new habit that supports your goals!
It’s really that simple loves! Xo!