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  I taught A Space to Breathe this morning and I’m still riding the wave of a full heart and the amazing energy we all created today. While this entire vision is a passion of mine, teaching a class specific to managing anxiety is extra special to me. When I was 15 and a sophomore … Continue reading “The Most Effective Ways to Manage Anxiety {part 1}”

  Socal winter has proven to be a rowdy one this year! It’s cooler and wetter than usual. While I adore the rain and cuddling up by the fire, the minute I step outside I’m bombarded with allergies. All the extra rain is causing all kinds of ‘extras’ to bloom and my body is feeling … Continue reading “Lentil Soup”

    Happy New Year friends! I love the fresh start, the extra energy (and people) in the gym, and answering all the questions about all things fitness and nutrition. However, I’ll be honest, I cringe during “New Year-New You” season. Seeing people buy into crazy cleanses, extreme approaches, and workouts that hurt in all … Continue reading “What’s in my kitchen cabinet…All things Vitamins & Supplements”

Fall brings on all the feels but it also brings on alllll the sugar laden treats and can easily kick off a long season of poor eating habits. I came up with this recipe with two goals in mind; #1: All things pumpkin! #2: Create a healthy snack (disguised in a baked good). Hope you … Continue reading “The Best Pumpkin Bread”

These fries rarely make it off the pan! When I pull a bag of fresh carrots out of the fridge, my kids yell “Carrot Fries”. They start grabbing the few simple ingredients that turn this basic veggie into an exciting side dish and we get to work. These fries are packed with flavor, just the … Continue reading “Carrot Fries & Ranch Dip ~ Featured in Elite Magazine July 2018”

On my first day as a trainer (when I was 17) my Fitness Director asked me how I liked it. I had that deer in the headlights, wide eyed look, and replied “I think I need a degree in Psychology”. Little did I know, I would go on to a Degree in Kinesiology- studying the … Continue reading “The Most Effective Exercise You Will Do”

If it seems like protein is in the spotlight lately, it’s for good reason! Protein is extremely important for just about every system within our body. I’ll explain what it is and why it’s so important in a moment. But first let’s chat history briefly. The diet industry is a multibillion dollar entity that banks … Continue reading “PROTEIN”