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Great Nutrition is not hard work, it’s heart work.

It’s Fall ya’ll! I love Fall more than any other season! September starts with my and my husband’s anniversary and then my Birthday and from there it’s full blown holiday season and I love it. I love all the cozy vibes, sweater weather, leaves falling, early sunsets, and pumpkin everything! Most pumpkin inspired recipes I … Continue reading “Pumpkin Smoothie”

“When we give up dieting, we take back something we were often too young to know we had given away; our own voice. Our ability to make decisions about what to eat and when. Our belief in ourselves. Our right to decide what goes into our mouths…your body is reliable…if you listen, it will speak.” … Continue reading “Why Your Diet Doesn’t Last More Than a Couple Weeks…The Hormone Connection”

Happy New Year! Whether you are a resolution person or not; there’s a good chance you indulged over the holidays {I hope you did}! If you indulged a little {or a lot} it’s natural to feel the effects of those extra ‘fun’ foods. Insert —> bloated belly, fatigue, dark circles, acne, clothes feeling too snug, … Continue reading “How To Say Bye to Diets FOREVER!”

My porch says Happy Fall (literally) but my Apple Watch is reporting over 90 degrees most days, and over 100 degrees some days. Fall sports have started, school is in full swing, and the schedules are packed. This means kids and teens are logging those sweat sessions, running on less than optimal amounts of sleep … Continue reading “Hydration Solutions”

  This post is for the… Post college-pre kid babes Busy moms Guys trying to eat better (or impress a new date 😉 Empty nesters “Hate to cook crew” …Okay fine this post is for EVERYONE! Maybe you’re in a busy phase or maybe you never officially learned how to cook and you’ve burned too … Continue reading “The No Cooking Meal Prep”

  Socal winter has proven to be a rowdy one this year! It’s cooler and wetter than usual. While I adore the rain and cuddling up by the fire, the minute I step outside I’m bombarded with allergies. All the extra rain is causing all kinds of ‘extras’ to bloom and my body is feeling … Continue reading “Lentil Soup”

These fries rarely make it off the pan! When I pull a bag of fresh carrots out of the fridge, my kids yell “Carrot Fries”. They start grabbing the few simple ingredients that turn this basic veggie into an exciting side dish and we get to work. These fries are packed with flavor, just the … Continue reading “Carrot Fries & Ranch Dip ~ Featured in Elite Magazine July 2018”

Many of you know, 50% of my family is Gluten Free/Dairy free. And the other 50% won’t sacrifice taste for health. We have some allergy ridden folk, and some stomach of steal-bring on the flavor peeps. It’s important to me that we have healthy and DELICIOUS choices on hand. And it’s equally important that we … Continue reading “The Most Delicious Chocolate Chip-Banana-Almond Muffins (GLUTEN & DAIRY FREE)”

Oh summer! You want to kick back, and enoy some drinks with family and friends but…GOALS! Can you have your drink and your abs too? I think so! Here are my two favorite drink recipes and some easy tips to keep you on track. 1. STAY HYDRATED Our bodies can mistake thirst for hunger and … Continue reading “4th of July Cocktails & How not to undo all the hard work in the gym!”