We all know salads are one of the best ways to get a lot of nutrients into your body. Did you also know salads have an amazing satiety factor in that they’re full of ‘crunch’! Our body often craves a crunchy meal to nosh on. This can lead us to poor choices like chips or … Continue reading “CHINESE CHICKEN SALAD”

No matter how efficient, combo workouts (strength and cardio) become, there is major value to good heart pumping, music bumping cardio sessions.Cardio is an obviously well adored way to burn calories and get your sweat on. But did you know some serious magic occurs in your body on a physiological level? Cardio increases blood flow … Continue reading “All Things Cardio”

I’m sure you have heard how important exercise is. A. Million. Times.Before. But have you made exercise a regular part of your life yet? Here’s the deal…lets change the title and just call it ‘Movement’. That sounds better doesn’t it?! Your body is meant to move. You have these intricate, specially designed muscles that are … Continue reading “15 REASONS TO GET MOVING TODAY!”

What if I told you just simply breathing will help you reach your goals? Seems pretty simple, right? Simple, yes.Easy, not so much. Paying attention to your breath gives you instant insight to your body and the messages it’s trying to send you. Listening to our body and making necessary accommodations and changes is what … Continue reading “BREATH… THE ALL CURE”