Oh summer! You want to kick back, and enoy some drinks with family and friends but…GOALS! Can you have your drink and your abs too? I think so! Here are my two favorite drink recipes and some easy tips to keep you on track. 1. STAY HYDRATED Our bodies can mistake thirst for hunger and … Continue reading “4th of July Cocktails & How not to undo all the hard work in the gym!”

These bars are such a hit in our household and for so many of my friends and clients! I hope you love them as much as we all do. If you’re local, make sure to check out this month’s edition of Elite Magazine for my favorite summer side dish. My out of the area friends, … Continue reading “Perfect 10 Bars~Featured in Elite Magazine June 2018”

Food is often the result of mood; but did you know so much of your mood can be improved by the food you choose? Often times we rationalize poor eating by the mood or the season we are in. “Work is busy, I’ll eat better on my off time”. “I’m moving, we need to eat … Continue reading “Anxiety and How Food Can Help”

I often get asked how I balance it all. As a wife, busy mom, and business owner life can really be hectic. I let go of the notion that I could balance it all a while back and have been happier ever since. It’s more like a juggling act where all the dynamic pieces of … Continue reading “Acro Yoga Charity Event”

Gratitude is a trendy thing these days. With hashtags, yoga poses, and cute workout tees promoting the G word like crazy. And with good reason. Having a solid gratitude practice can redirect your entire life and being! But with trends, phrases become cliché and often lose their authenticity. So I wanted to share the benefits … Continue reading “GRATITUDE”

If it seems like protein is in the spotlight lately, it’s for good reason! Protein is extremely important for just about every system within our body. I’ll explain what it is and why it’s so important in a moment. But first let’s chat history briefly. The diet industry is a multibillion dollar entity that banks … Continue reading “PROTEIN”

There’s something about a rainy day that brings a sense of calm over our house. Maybe it’s because the kids sports get cancelled on rainy days or maybe it’s because we welcome the rain with so much excitement that we sit back with wonder. That’s life in Southern California, rain is rare and we celebrate … Continue reading “BREAKFAST COOKIE”

Donuts! I recently read a quote that said, “Sometimes kale is good for your body, and sometimes a donut is good for your soul”. I couldn’t agree more! I believe in a 90/10 ish guideline. 90% of the time we should eat foods that fuel our body and provide amazing nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. But … Continue reading “GUILT FREE DONUTS”

I imagine my self one day, far from now, with an entire afternoon to prepare and cook our dinner in a leisurely way. Maybe I’ll have a glass of wine in my hand, an evening breeze flowing, and some music playing. Reality check, that is far from the average evening in our home these days. … Continue reading “WEEK NIGHT MEALS MADE EASY”

If I tell you to quit sugar, you won’t quit it. You’ll attempt to quit, you’ll try and try, but never the less you will find yourself battling the beast head on. You will be sneaking bites and obsessing over it. Rationalizing licks and tastes, and finally giving in to a splurge that leaves you … Continue reading “WHY I WON’T TELL YOU TO QUIT SUGAR”