Acro Yoga Charity Event



I often get asked how I balance it all. As a wife, busy mom, and business owner life can really be hectic. I let go of the notion that I could balance it all a while back and have been happier ever since. It’s more like a juggling act where all the dynamic pieces of my life are flying in different directions. I just need to hope that I’m standing, grounded with open arms, at the moment one of those pieces needs my attention.





On a particularly busy week I was feeling more like a deflated balloon than a master juggler and I needed hope. I hit my yoga mat for a 10 minute meditation before the school morning rush and hoped for some peace. As I closed my eyes and settled into simply focusing on my breath, my shoulders felt lighter and my heart rate slowed a bit. I took a few more breaths and a notion came to mind “You’re just feeling the way most moms do on a daily basis”. I realized I have the tools to deal with busyness, anxiety, worry, and angst (thanks to my personal training, nutrition, pilates, faith and yoga background). But most moms don’t. Generally moms are so busy pouring into their families, their own well being is put on the back burner until they are ready to burst and then they are too far gone to feel in control of the situation (and their emotions), let alone find a resolve. I took a few more meditative breaths and boom, “Create a place for people to exhale while giving back to charity” popped into my mind.


And thus, the Acro Charity event was born. I have a personal circle of care that I rely on to help me stay grounded and figure out the pieces of my life and one of those people is the incredible instructor who taught this event. Sarah Yovovich. Sarah is gifted beyond measure and her style of teaching Acro Yoga is surreal. I often say a session with Sarah is like a massage, a therapy session, and sky diving all in one; its exhilarating and grounding all at once. The decision to work with Family Promise was an easy one. After a good friend introduced me to them a couple years ago, they’ve had a place in my heart since. “Family Promise of Santa Clarita Valley  brings shelter, meals, and support services to families without homes, helping them to get back on their feet.”


All of the amazing women and men who showed up filled my heart to the brim. Each person took the time, energy, and generosity to make this event happen and it was pure magic.







Special thanks to Sarah Yovovich for bringing her talent, spirit, and beautiful energy to all of us.


Thanks to Ashley Howard for introducing me to Sarah awhile back, for co hosting this event, and for always being my favorite Acro friend!


Thank you to Paseo Club for hosting the event at their gorgeous location.

Thank you greatly to Lululemon Valencia (Alyssa, Jade, and Dylan). The energy and generosity you brought was immeasurable. From jumping in-no questions asked, to helping set up and the generous donations for raffle prizes and shopping discounts was so appreciated.


Thank you Plate Therapy for your willingness to always help a good cause and a good time. Snacking on delicious Paleo treats after the acro training was perfection.


Thank you so very much to Dylan Kawaa for his generous gift of photography, videography, and editing the entire event.



And most importantly, thank you to each person who took the time to attend the event. Life is busy and I appreciate each of you taking the time to be there. My hope is that you “had a moment to exhale”. Always remember, you matter. You can’t pour from an empty pot. When life gets overwhelming, go back to your breath and get grounded. Emotions are like clouds, they always pass. Cash donations and numerous gift cards were donated to Family Promise SCV to help fill their Mother’s Day gift bags for families in need thanks to your generosity.