Nadine Young

I fell in love with the fitness industry quick and early! I grew up studying classical ballet and spent time at the American Academy of Ballet summer intensive programs in New York. I saw myself and numerous other dancers derailed by injuries; some losing their careers entirely. I clearly remember thinking to myself; there HAS to be a solution! Between dance classes, I spent hours in the gym, yoga studios, and the kitchen. I was fascinated by how the body moves and more specifically researched how to keep it moving WELL! My passion for moving and fueling ran deep! My senior year of High School, I was offered a job at a local gym. As I started college and worked my way through 5 different potential degrees, I remained training and grew my credentials through a 2 year intensive Exercise Therapist and Holistic Nutritionist Program. Finally realizing I didn’t want to leave the industry, I changed my major one final time. I finished my Bachelors of a Science in Kinesiology and continued to grow my career. I continued training at a local gym and working under numerous mentors until I realized it was time to launch my own business where I had the freedom to personalize sessions for clients’ different needs. I’ve continued to work in many avenues of the fitness industry and with varying types of clients from children to adults. My purpose is to teach my clients how necessary and accessible great nutrition is, how your body is meant to move if it’s given the right frequency and type, and how to tap into your intuition to launch you to the absolute best version of yourself-you deserve it! Food fuels, movement heals, and we each have an amazing purpose!