4th of July Cocktails & How not to undo all the hard work in the gym!

Oh summer! You want to kick back, and enoy some drinks with family and friends but…GOALS! Can you have your drink and your abs too? I think so! Here are my two favorite drink recipes and some easy tips to keep you on track.

1. STAY HYDRATED Our bodies can mistake thirst for hunger and unfortunatley alcohol is dehydrating. This double whammy can set you up for dehydration and a case of overeating. Keep up with half your body weight in ounces of water daily. I like to drink a glass of water between cocktails to make sure I’m nourished. This also decreases your chances of being hungover the next day.

2. PLAN YOUR WORKOUTS A holiday is one day friends! I opt for getting a good sweaty workout in the day of a holiday to keep my head in the right place (balanced) but if that’s not doable at least plan on some damage control by signing up for a session or class the day before and day after the holiday.

3. PICK YOUR PROTEIN Protein helps stabilize your blood sugar. Start your day with a protein (shake, eggs, turkey sausage, etc) and choose the higher protein snacks over the carby fair. Think nuts, hummus, greek yogurt dip, etc!

4. CATEGORIZE When a holiday hits we tend to throw caution to the wind and then feel crummy after (bloated, tired, sick to our stomach). Instead remember alcohol, sugar, and processed carbs all rank in the same category for nutrition. Our body really doesn’t get any nutrients from them so moderation is key. If you know drinks and your favorite cookies are on the agenda then make an amazing salad with protein to balance it out.

5. BE KIND to yourself! If only everyone else heard all the crap we talk to ourselves-we would stop immediately. Take a moment to think of 5 things you love about yourself before you head out to an event. If you’re in the right head space, you will make intuitive choices that honor your body. You will tune into “oh I’m full actually, I don’t need a second serving” instead of “I already screwed up so I might as well eat 5 more”. Besides, a person full of love and confidence will exude love and confidence and that is the best type to be around!


Now for the recipes!

Bombshell Mojito

1 lime sliced into 4 wedges

5 mint leaves

1.5 ounces silver tequilla or vodka

1/2 cup club soda

Squeeze two lime wedges over the mint leaves and muddle

Pour in alcohol and club soda and gently stir

Pour over ice and enjoy!

Rose Done Right!

1/2 cup Rose

1 ounce siver Tequilla

1/2 can La Croix

Citrus slices (lemon, grapefruit, orange)

Simply mix the 3 liquids and store in a glass pitcher or jar with the fruit slices. Chill and enjoy in a wine class or over ice.

Mocktails incase  you’re ditching the alcohol entirely…

Kombuch mixed with La Croix, a few drops of stevia and a squeeze of lemon (Gabrielle Bernstein’s mocktail recipe)

Spindrift Sparkling Water (has delicious real fruit squeezed in) My favorite is the Raspberry 

Iced Tea mixed 50/50 with Trader Joes or Whole Foods low cal lemonade (made with Stevia-avoid the artificial sweeteners at the main stream markets)

Cheers to moments with friends and family; an excuse to connect and unwind, and a day to celebrate our country!