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We generally check our car maintenance more than our body, mind, & emotions. Take a moment to check in & you will find every answer you need.

On my first day as a trainer (when I was 17) my Fitness Director asked me how I liked it. I had that deer in the headlights, wide eyed look, and replied “I think I need a degree in Psychology”. Little did I know, I would go on to a Degree in Kinesiology- studying the … Continue reading “The Most Effective Exercise You Will Do”

Gratitude is a trendy thing these days. With hashtags, yoga poses, and cute workout tees promoting the G word like crazy. And with good reason. Having a solid gratitude practice can redirect your entire life and being! But with trends, phrases become cliché and often lose their authenticity. So I wanted to share the benefits … Continue reading “GRATITUDE”

What if I told you just simply breathing will help you reach your goals? Seems pretty simple, right? Simple, yes.Easy, not so much. Paying attention to your breath gives you instant insight to your body and the messages it’s trying to send you. Listening to our body and making necessary accommodations and changes is what … Continue reading “BREATH… THE ALL CURE”